Editing Services

Editing Services


My services include Manuscript Assessments, Content Editing, Line Editing and Proofreading. I edit blog posts, novels, memoirs, and autobiographies. Email cynthiadawn@cynthiadawn.net or fill out the contact form below for more information about my editing services, prices, or to submit a manuscript for editing.

Manuscript Assessments

A manuscript assessment is a full reading of the manuscript and compilation of detailed notes (approximately 5 pages) concerning plot, character development, consistency, style, pacing, dialogue, point-of-view, length, target audience, marketability, etc. This is a very broad evaluation of your manuscript. I highlight the major strengths and weaknesses of a book and what needs to be done before this manuscript is ready for publishing. I assess adult and YA fiction, as well as memoirs and autobiographies. I do not assess fiction under 10,000 words or romance novels.

Content Editing

Content editing is similar to the manuscript assessment, except that instead of simply reading the manuscript and putting together a list of improvements to be made, I add notes in the margins, page by page, revealing what needs to be developed in this book to make it a great novel. It is far more detailed than the manuscript assessment, as I analyse how every page, scene, and chapter contributes to the plot and character development. I give in-text notes concerning plot, character, style, pacing, dialogue, point-of-view, readability, text organisations and transitions. I do content editing of adult and YA fiction, memoirs and autobiographies. I do not do content editing for fiction under 10,000 words or romance novels.

Line Editing

Line editing involves smoothing out the language and fluency of the text, line-by-line. It includes checking the manuscript for spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency, sentence structure, word choice, paragraph length, and tenses. The goal of line editing is to ensure clarity and consistency in the writing.


Proofreading is the final review of a manuscript before printing, checking the manuscript for typos, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The goal is to have a final editor, unfamiliar with the text, read it over to ensure there are no errors that have remained unnoticed by the author. It will be assumed that any manuscript that is submitted for proofreading will have already been through a content-editing process.


Email editing@cynthiadawn.net for more information about editing services, prices, or to submit a manuscript for editing.

All manuscripts should be submitted in a word document (any version) in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font and double spaced. Content editing, line editing, and proofreading will be done using Track Changes (all changes will be marked in colour, and may be accepted or rejected).

Unsure of what service you need?

Send your first 5,000 words to cynthiadawn@cynthiadawn.net, and I will offer a free evaluation. I’ll briefly look over your manuscript and suggest what editing service I believe is right for you.


Want to hire me for more than one editing service? Email cynthiadawn@cynthiadawn.net and ask for information on package discounts.

Are you a student? Email cynthiadawn@cynthiadawn.net and ask about student discounts (proof of enrollment required).

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